Thursday, September 30, 2010

Abbreviated Communication Society

My last post about the ridiculous over population theory that most people just swallow hook-line and sinker without, as usual, think it out for themselves, was published about 15 minutes before a follower- FrugalRedneck responded with her experiences regarding the insults she gets from these over pop clones and I just have to address it.

First, you must read her comments on the previous post. It is a very powerful testimony about clones and how they think. By the way, I thank you all for having wonderful, independent thinking and wise children that understand how to think, work and live! However, her comments spur me to write this...

Unless you have received a couple hundred emails daily for several years regarding your opinions, you probably don't fully see the world and the people in it as they really are. Just as what was related in her comments, people, and i mean you, keep assuming shit so you don't have to think intelligently. Why would a person assume that this woman with seven well-behaved children is on welfare? Why the hell is that the first thought? If I saw her and her family, I would think- wow, I wonder how they do it? But I wouldn't f--ing assume welfare was their answer. Out of curiosity, I might even strike up a conversation so I could find out those answers. All of us make assumptions, but I work hard trying not to because I like to think things out and find the truth for myself, rather than rounding the edges so I can believe the lies.

Another issue that I run into constantly with losers using emails is that they 90% of the time insult me personally without meaning to. They might in a disagreement say- you're an asshole! And then they are surprised to reap my wrath. Seriously, I spend about 10 minutes a day, copying and pasting sentences from emails and send them back to the sender to show them their outrageous and insulting b.s. Each time they apologize, not realizing what they wrote. This is the problem with our abbreviated communication society. Texts, cell phone calls in a hurry, and blogs and responses are never ending. It forces all of us to rush around like chickens without heads, as we crash and burn our way to the feeders. So let me suggest that you start thinking before you respond and save yourself from revealing your lack of thinking.

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Over Population

The new world order can get even so-called awake people to believe anything. If they say the sky is green, and pull out a photoshopped image of such a thing, along with some guy in a lab coat, 98% of amerikans will start believing it. Why? Well first a person has to be dumb as a bag of rocks. By the way, if you want to know how dumb your children are-- 92% of high school seniors CANNOT pass the G.E.D. exam.
The second thing a person need in order to believe crazy wacked out stuff is the sense that other people should do the thinking. The last part is even easier, people need to have TRUTH on their list of priorities near the bottom, down by scrubbing the mud off your work boots and washing the dog.

Now, from experience, I know that you think I'm talking about your neighbor but in reality, I'm probably talking about you- when it comes to people believing b.s. Let's take the earth and the issue of overpopulation. Are there cities with too many people? Probably but it doesn't seem to matter to the idiots living there so why the heck would it matter to you? However, extending that to the planet is like assuming you are as free as I am because we both live in the USA. Now that's funny.

Anyway, here is my undeniable rebuttel to the lie paraded by stupid people- that the world is over populated.
1. Have you ever been in an airplane? Did you ever fly a thousand miles? Did you ever look the heck down? Did you see the rest of us elbow to elbow or did you just see open freaking space?
2. 6 billion people live on the planet---perhaps that's a lie too but either way, let's assume its true. How much land does a human need to live on? Remember, 1/4 of an acre will enable you to grow most of your vegetables, chicken and rabbit. The average amerikan owns or rents 1/16 of an acre today.
3. If you take 6 billion people (children and adults) and assign them all 1/4 acre, you can fit them all in an area the size of the state of Texas. Leaving the other 97% of the earth empty.
4. Even today, 25% of all food grown is wasted, as it is either plowed back into the field to keep food prices high, or spoiled because it is left uneaten.
5. If you were to take every farm on earth and place them side by side, you could easily fit them in an area the size of China, leaving the rest of the planet untouched.

Now I'm not saying this is what should be done. I am merely presenting the truth in a factual manner. To say that the earth is overpopulated is as insane as saying you were smart enough to figure this out like me.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OFFICIAL: Religious people are stupid

The Associated Press, the pillar of spin, just released an article based on a survey about religion and the stumbling fools that chase it. Atheists and agnostics scored highest, Jews and Mormons held their own, while Catholics and Protestants scored just above retardation. And so, I am proved correct once again. Here's the link-
I wonder how gnostics like me would have scored? Just in case you don't know-
–adjective Also, gnos·ti·cal.
pertaining to knowledge.
possessing knowledge, esp. esoteric knowledge of spiritual matters.
( initial capital letter ) pertaining to or characteristic of the Gnostics.
( initial capital letter ) a member of any of certain sects among the early Christians who claimed to have superior knowledge of spiritual matters, and explained the world as created by powers or agencies arising as emanations from the Godhead.

1555–65;  < LL Gnōsticī  (pl.) name of the sect < Gk gnōstikós  (sing.) pertaining to knowledge, equiv. to gnōst ( ós ) known + -ikos -ic

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Stand by the Devils

Some mega church pastor has been accused of manipulating four young men into having sex with him. Of course the so-called religious Christians in his church gather around him like flies on shit and offer their unwavering support, so they can all feel the love and the victimhood they all preach as they move ever forward toward their demise and doom.
In Wichita Kansas, the police finally arrested the BTK serial killer six years ago. BTK stands for bind, torture and kill. Guess what he did on Sundays? Yep, he went to church as an associate pastor to his best friend, the pastor. And guess who supported him throughout the trial, even after conviction and overwhelming evidence was laid out for the world audience to see? Yes indeed, every member of that hideous church in Park City Kansas, suburb of Wichita.
They held vigils, raised money for his defense and visited him daily. They loved the man that killed innocent men, women and children for thirty years. They never apologized, or acknowledged their stupidity or regret. Nope, they just wept on television about their friend being caught and charged and convicted for the murders.
In case you don’t know, or are one yourself, people are insane and stupid- in a general sense. Of course there’s a few of us that are awake but not many. This is confirmed deep down in my soul every time I watch millions in Catholic Mass giving their support to a church that has raped and slaughtered and molested its way to the throne of the devil. I cannot wait for judgment day, when all, including myself, are held accountable for their actions, non actions and sins of the heart. On that day, will any remain?

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

God’s Gardener Was Murdered This Week

By Big John Lipscomb,
Twenty years ago a very lost, scared and hungry four year old boy wondering the streets of Juarez Mexico, a block south of El Paso Texas, found his way into the caring arms of Mexico’s Lady Teresa- Josephine. Today, she has built a an orphanage for 110 boys and girls lucky enough to find their way to this safe haven, surrounded by eight foot concrete walls, topped by razor wire to keep kidnappers out and the hope of tomorrow safely tucked inside.

The small frail boy she took into her care two decades ago was Ernesto. A very special young man. Ernesto was training to become a professional boxer so he could give more money to the children of Casa Hogar de Bethel Orphanage. More than he already was. See, I had arranged through the Rotary of Alamogordo New Mexico, to pay for Ernesto to continue his mission of making the orphanage self sufficient by building raised bed gardens and planting our heirloom seeds, using rain off water from the several buildings inside the orphanage. He did this because for twenty years he had a safe place to sleep and play, but often the children eat only one small meal each day because the government doesn’t have the means to help such causes and the local economy is devastated by the drug gangs battling for control.
Society has nearly collapsed in Juarez as a dozen people are murdered daily in the streets, leaving so many children homeless. But yesterday, Ernesto, God’s new gardener was murdered as he made his way to the orphanage to plant more vegetable seeds, so 110 small and hungry brothers and sisters could eat well. It is a very, very sad day for those of us trying to make the world better.
We now have an opening for gardener in the most dangerous city on earth. If you want to serve God and a hundred hungry children, let us know. If you are slightly busy, perhaps you could send a small donation to help us, help them, which is really helping all of us.

Friday, September 24, 2010

How To Save the World

People that have never done anything of value to help themselves or others, will always be inclined to save the world in an illusionary way because they haven't a clue of reality (how it works)- because they never live there. Furthermore, people that have castrated themselves, will also believe that others have power over them. This allows them to continue playing the victim and pretend that action is always just beyond their reach. How convenient to not have to do anything but cry about how it should be.

It just says so much about a person if they claim they would do this or that if they had the power or money that others have. First, you don't. Second, why is that? Third, we wouldn't know unless you were there in reality. Fourth, your grand plan is--- what?

Show me a man that talks and talks about the new world order victimizing him and others and I will show you a "man" that has given all his power away so he doesn't have to be held responsible for his own crappy life.

Few of you will like any of this because almost none make their life, they instead just bitch and moan about not having one, always blaming other people for not giving them a chance. That is what's wrong with us more than the elite. For god sakes, try looking within, instead of always pointing and blaming people you will never meet.

Save the world by freeing kenneled dogs and using money to pay other people to take care of them is the silliest thing I have ever read on the internet. I guess perhaps my ideas of self sufficiency- experienced by me and many others, might not be for the weak, but is freeing unwanted dogs the the best solution that a person can come up with when considering wealth and the lack of empathy in the world?

I think a solution like that is really about that person's desire to be fed and loved and have a better job, than a solution in reality. Some dogs as well as people wouldn't be alive if they didn't have to live off the efforts of other people. Both the weakest in America and the elite are guilty of this. Rid the world of them with a grand decade of hyperinflation and that will be solved and not a day too soon.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

570 Channels and ONE Thing On

I have been without TV for two decades, since early 1991. When I speak of television I always think about that Bruce Springsteen song- 57 Channels and Nothing On. I think he should remake that song and call it 570 channels and nothing on because my dish satellite goes about that high and I have searched up and down the digital ladder for two weeks now and until last night, there was nothing on worth watching.

However, as I flipped between some old western full of bad acting and whatever came next, I saw a nine year old boy in the Amazon, with his slightly younger brother propel their little canoe with an outboard motor up against the side of a large commuter boat traveling 28 miles per hour and grab a rope that dangled from the side of it. The boy then rapidly repelled him, his little brother and their rickety boat back to behind the large vessel, to within two feet of a propeller the size of a car. He then pulled his boat up to the back of the speeding boat and tied onto the back and climbed out as though he just crossed the street!

Why would these boys take such an insane risk? To sell a sack of fruit and dates to the passengers, so they could buy a meal from the cook downstairs. It is a feat they do every day in order to eat and so do dozens of other children as they fend for themselves deep in the Amazon.

So when you child is reluctant to take the trash out or walk the dog, clean his or her room or complete their homework, let me suggest that you reflect upon this boy and his ability to get dinner for himself. Then consider how long your child would last in a place like that. The boy was sad to admit that he had not been to school for more than a month and could not write his name. He said that his days are busy hunting in the forest, bartering with locals and chasing commercial ships in his tiny canoe. As for me, I think I will cancel my stupid satellite TV because I already saw the one thing worth watching.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pentagon Pedophiles

Pentagon Pedophiles

By Big John Lipscomb

They tried to sweep this under the rug, as do all pedophiles, but so far it appears that the world is finally beginning to see how twisted our military really is, as 250 military personnel have been caught using their own credit cards and PayPal accounts to order child porn while working. At some point, citizens are going to stop allowing these socially demented generals to use our children as cannon fodder. How many times have these nitwits paraded themselves in front of Congress with all their shiny medals, in order to address the tens of billions of dollars being unaccounted for,or for sexual harassment and sexual assaults, and racism, and killing innocent civilians and just plain out failure to win a war against a band of men and goats? They have all the money on earth, over a hundred nations and hundreds of thousands of trained troops with more technology that e.t. and after eight years they had to leave with their tails tucked and rightfully so. They should never have been there. They bombed the mac-jesus out of a sovereign nation and its people not because the 9-11 terrorists were from there, but because they look like possible terrorists. Yet, our Congressional members are entangled with such fear or awe of these paper and overly metaled men, that they never fire or reprimand any of them or stand them up in front of a firing squad. I say enough!

Now we discover they tried to sweep this child porn under the rug like ignoring a pedophile inside the military family. The fat and sick green line. These generals must be held accountable at some point. Who the hell is in charge? Who the hell is the commander? And why the hell are they never held responsible? Why do we allow the one institution that prides itself on strength and conviction and honor and responsibility and everything good under the sun, to get so off course?

Let’s do what staticians do. If 250 were caught, the real number of deviants must be ten times higher. But what about those that are clever enough to seek child porn on their own time, at home? Are we talking about tens of thousands? Is our military full of wacked out sexually corrupted sociopaths? My money says yes. And since the military prison abuses that we all saw photos of in the early part of this wicked war, which was based on lies by the military and the intelligence agencies, didn’t alarm Americans, I doubt they care about this either. Which really says everything you need to know about the American citizenry. Looking close at us, is making me sick to my stomach.

We get what we deserve and we deserve this kind of military and politics because we have never demanded better. No need to fret, I'm sure we are about to run off the edge of the cliff

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pleading Guilty

So it’s near the end of the day and up pops an article on yahoo news about innocent people confessing to crimes they did NOT commit. Apparently, some people bend under pressure and in order to stop the police interrogation, they confess to a crime that they had nothing to do with. Of course, the confession requires some “known facts” but that is always fed to the innocent by the police during the interrogation. I can hear it now, “Did you strike her from behind with a heavy object or in front?”
I understand a person being so overwhelmed by lying and manipulative police officers confessing if they have mental challenges or are young, but for all the rest, if you are dumb enough to confess, you deserve to sit in prison. Bring out the water boards, the electric shock devices and pliers to give me a manicure, I am not squawking to something I didn’t do and you shouldn’t either.
It is legal for the police to lie, which explains a lot about the integrity of our judicial system right there. However, there is another issue that needs some light shed on it. Police often have a mindset that everybody is guilty and that everybody is capable of terrible things. This is drilled into them and I think that they, like you and me, actually project their own sins back on the general public and especially onto the poor slob that is getting interrogated. With that mind set and the desire to get a god ‘ol boy back slap and extra stripe, in addition to closing a case file, having the innocent confess to crimes is probably a lot more common than we wish to think. Then when you consider how dumb downed most Americans are, I’m actually surprised there’s anybody outside the bars.
Our judicial system is broken and if it is ever going to get fixed, you have to start at the bottom and that is where innocent people are brought in and questioned by liars and manipulators.
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The Burgundy Party

There are many reasons why I believe the Tea Party Movement will not succeed, but I have selected the top 8 reasons why it will fail and listed the below. keep in mind that although all of the reasons listed below are proven fact over the course of 5 years, it is my opinion that the Tea party will not have an effect on the direction our nation is headed currently.

1. The people involved in Tea Parties still believe in the process of elections, although overwhelming evidence exists to prove that election fraud is rampant. The system we are participating in is broken and corrupt.
2. Politicians only offer them the words they want to hear until they are elected. Then they serve the secret agenda that got them support from globalist who are determined to build a world economy and world government.
3. All new political movements are infiltrated by wolves in sheep’s clothing with the simple intention of leading it towards an isolated direction.
4. Disputes then begin inside and splinter the movement until it is too small to have any impact.
5. Once new congressional leaders are elected, they are regulated to the bottom of the power rung, by the time they attain seniority, they have been corrupted and are no different than what they replaced because the system is rotten from the inside.
6. The media controls the perception of everything since the majority of Americans believe what they media tells them.
7. The majority of Americans have woke up to the above and disengaged from the entire process and don’t vote.
8. Collectively, Americans have become apathetic and would prefer to watch life two dimensionally, living vicariously through other people, than to take action and make a better world. Like Plato said, they watch the shadows on the cave walls thinking that is reality.

I hope I am wrong in general about a third party, because the red and blue have become broken colors, and now merged and become burgundy.

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The Tea Party Lie

I warned you two years ago. How many times do people have to see their hope decimated before they grow up and accept reality? The system is so corrupted, it doesn't matter who you elect!

These silly tea party people running around thinking they will elect a new Congress, as did Americans four years ago when they grew tired of Bush’s 1,000 year war and elected dozens of new Democrats.  As I asked you a year ago, how'd that work out for you? Too many of you just shrugged your narrow shoulders and went back to the same mind program.

Then the insane thought a socialist/communist Obama would shower them with Nirvana, so they voted for him, and again I ask- how is that working out for you? Most good and awake people in this nation also fell for the Ron Paul will save us notion. Like I said a couple of years ago when he was running for the Presidency, on my second radio show of nearly eight hundred, if Ron Paul is legit, how would he ever get anything done with that rat infested Congress and the never ending socialist propaganda spewing media? But nobody ever sees it clearly because they are clouded by their illusions. The shameful truth is most all of you have been programmed to want somebody else to fix everything for you. These people are fixated upon a man-god. Over and over, insane people do the same thing although they get the same failed results. They can't help themselves because they are so tightly conformed and manipulated, they cannot see any other solution. So around and around they go, too stupid to be embarrassed.

The tea party woke up today with a sudden change in the momentum. Of course they are never savvy enough to realize that the voting machine and system is rigged, no matter how many qualified experts have now proven that election fraud is rampant.  Why? Because they don't want to know. People, and it very likely, you are one of them, don't want the truth. They can't handle it and they can't deal with it. As it begins to close in on them they avoid looking at it like a child hides under his blankets in attempt to make it all go away. Ignorance, if it is not bliss, they figure, at least it is better that truth. As a result, all of us are neck high in dung. Can't hardly breathe, can barley wiggle our toes and as people walk by, we smile and pretend everything is good and normal.

We all know what the solution is, but nobody wants life to get hard. So, they continue to sell their soul, day after day. Working for the beast that is killing them. Ignoring the bully that keeps smacking them in the back of the head and laughing at the lack of response. Come to think about it, there is something oddly funny about how willing people are to be abused. They just pretend it doesn't hurt. They imagine the bully will eventually tire of beating on them and finally leave them alone. But he doesn't. All he does is grow more confident that the abused is incapable of responding. Much like a lab rat getting electrified. If it has no option to stop the pain, it just crawls over to the corner and allows the electricity to pulse through its body for days before it dies.

I thought you were better and stronger than that. I hoped that the better people in this nation and around the world would eventually get angry and start breathing heavily as their intensity mounted. Then, I figured, they would slowly stand, turn towards their nemeses and give that deep dark stare, moments before lashing out and beheading the scourge of this planet! So, I guess in the end, I too, have my illusions.

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Home School Off the Grid

Between 1990 and 1999 my wife and I home schooled our children at home in a 320 square foot straw bale cabin with no electricity or running water in the mountains of Montana. In a world full of technology today, it seems odd but my daughters learned how to read and write by candle light.  Of course they learned much more than that, but being without the traditional distractions like television and telephones, we were able to focus on school studies and the typical homestead chores.

We approached teaching our own children in an original but effective manner, as time has proven us out. First, we believed that education is not only math and English but in general, education should be about raising well rounded and capable young people. Therefore it is essential to include training in the outside world like having a strong work ethic and personal social skills. A matter of fact, many parents asked us as their children screamed and fought because they were tired or hungry, if we were shortchanging our children by not having them interact with other children eight hours per day. We just smiled and politely said, no. Once in a while we would park outside a public school while the public school children were on recess and watch the heathens abuse each other until the bell rang while teachers proudly looked on. Then we would drive to the library and calmly read and learn new things. And that brings me to our second key to having a successful home school off the grid. If parents took the time in the beginning to inspire their children to learn, showing them how incredibly exciting it is to learn new things, the children will value learning and as a home teacher you will almost never struggle to motivate them because they are motivated to learn.

The majority of parents that struggle teaching their children have failed to convince their children that learning is fun. Therefore, they spend much of the time frustrated and distraught. On day one, my wife and I took our two children to the library and had them sit still at the table while we went from shelf to shelf pulling books and bringing them back to the table and discussed some of the fantastic things we were discovering. We purposely ignored our children and conversed about the size of the moon and George Washington and a thousand other topics. Our children sat and felt they were being cheated by not being allowed to learn such earth shattering things. After four long hours, we set them loose and have never had to motivate them to learn since. They are now 16, 21 and 22 years old.

Oh, and our children did attend public high school and quickly discovered how far ahead they were of their peers. My children also say that attending public school was the biggest mistake they ever made in their short lives. We, their mother and I think it was great for them to see the reality of what public school produces. If you have children in high school and are home schooling them, check out our brand new high school home school classes on the radio at

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5 Stages of Personal Wealth Evaporation

We have found ourselves in limbo struggling to find our way out of this economic collapse. Amongst failing presidential approval rates and the ever increasing number of unemployment, we have made the mistake of believing and hoping tomorrow will be perfectly fine. However, our culture has made the mistake of hoping everything will work itself out by tomorrow morning and we won't have to make any preparations. Listed below are the 5 stages of personal wealth evaporation.

1.      As long as the myth of capitalism is sustained, people have confidence that tomorrow will be like today and soon things will get even better. Over time, we have built a mirage of wealth and a facade of fake wealth.  Here are a few of the things/items that give the average person financial well being: job status, job benefits, retirement plan, social security, home appraised value, credit rating, size of house, new car.
2.      When times become unstable and people begin to lose faith in their economic future, there are particular items that people begin to value and prioritize. Although the following items should naturally rate above the new shiny car you have sitting in your driveway, when your immediate future looks uncertain these concerns rise to the top of your priority list: job stability, money saved, low debt, dependable transportation, government stability.
3.      As the national economy begins to crumble, unemployment soars and protests begin. The community evolves, creates groups and organizes. When these steps are completed we start to value: income, low debt, food stocked, gold and silver, transportation, political reform.
4.      When the economy collapses, people's and small communities main priorities are: water, dehydrated food, heirloom garden seeds, self defense, safe living area, survival knowledge, and medical supplies.
5.      When government fully turns against the common people, the priorities change: revenge against all politicians.

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10 Great Killers During Economic Collapse

      1.      No access to prescription medication
With so many Americans on prescription drugs, the number one killer in an economic collapse will be due to people not having their available prescriptions because transportation will shut down and money will be worthless.
      2.      Illness from poor water
Americans take water for granted. Within a few weeks of no healthy water services, even suburbia will begin to reflect the third world as people frantically search for water to boil.
      3.      Disease
Disease takes hold of a nation that has poor water and hygiene. Add into the mix, rotting corpses and rats, and disease can become devastating to a community or entire nation within days.
4.      Despair leading to poor decisions
Dehydration, along with fatigue is a major cause of mental fatigue. This will inevitably lead to choices that can result in physical trauma or death.
5.      Desperate neighbors and gangs
As food and water become scarce and people get angry because the government has failed them, the potential of violence increases dramatically. Unfortunately, a small spark of violence often leads to mayhem.
6.      Accidents with no emergency care
Infections can kill if left untreated, especially when a person is unhealthy. Stepping on a rusty nail or falling down and breaking an arm can ultimately lead to death.
7.      Govt. covert operations
Throughout history, governments often overreact with force in order to control the populace it sees as out of control or a potential risk to government. With a grab bag of black op weaponry, it is likely government will use technology to halt social breakdown and confine citizens in order to control them. Resistance to this action usually leads to casualties on both sides.
8.      Govt. troops
In order to keep control, government often uses the military to patrol and imprison anybody seen as a risk of its authority. In an economic collapse, justice is secondary and results are paramount. This usually incites conflict with those that be independent of government control and that conflict produces violence.
      9.      Starvation
      The human body can live without food for a week without damaging the body. After a week however, people become desperate  and mentally unstable and physically weak.
10.    Invasion by foreign troops
It is rare that a foreign nation takes advantage of an economic collapse and invades another nation because its military cannot function well inside a nation that is bankrupt and the populace is out of control.

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Inner Critique

I have always marveled at how stupid people are. They tend to climb their way from birth to death without every wondering exactly what they believe and how they came to believe it. And they never take a critical look at their own beliefs in order to discard the silly stuff.

We all have stuff in our heads that need adjusting or tossing entirely. Like old movies, they seem so good when we saw them originally as a kid but when you watch them as adults, you usually are shocked to realize how poor they are. Well, I guarantee you that’s exactly how it is with many of your beliefs. Many are downright silly but until you analyze them, you wouldn’t know.

I have a Christian friend that has claimed Christianity for his entire life. Within a couple of hours of answering some tough questions from me, he discovered that he only believed because he grew up in a family that believed, therefore adopted the beliefs of his family. He became further convinced solely because of his respect for a single preacher he had seen on television while in college. Yet, when it came to answering some of the most mundane facts about Christianity he couldn’t which helped him realize that he was not basing his faith on knowledge but what other people believed. In the end of our discussion, he also admitted that his beliefs were rather immature, like a child. This happened because he never sought answers after adopting the premise and therefore was an empty bullhorn for Christ.

My friend then devoted himself to starting over as a Christian and find his own faith through his own research. I’m not sure he is still a Christian but whatever he now believes is of his own choosing and that is how it should be.

Do yourself a favor and spend a few hours every couple of years and become the critic to your own beliefs and check out some of my rather unique beliefs
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We Serve Them Now

Somehow over the past few decades the tables have been turned and our representatives have stopped serving the people and they have determined that we are to serve them by paying taxes without being represented. How did this happen? The answer is- one degree at a time. Slow enough that we hardly noticed, yet as most of us reflect back to how the relationship between elected officials and their constituents were a few decades ago, things have changed dramatically.

I predict that people eventually will feel such frustration that they will begin openly disrespecting authority in general. This will progress until it reaches critical mass and members of congress start getting shot. That will cause government to reconsider its position of master verses servant.

Either way, the detachment that government has instituted is the cause that will meet an effect sooner or later. The longer it takes to return to a proper relationship between the people and their government the more severe the effect will be.

I suggest that you stand up and voice your concerns now or it will be too late, later. And later can get rather ugly and dangerous. Like a guy with a bad temper, it is healthy to vent on a regular basis, otherwise he explodes in a very regretful manner later when his friends and family often least expect it. So, do the right thing and show some disrespect for your elected representatives, and maybe they will let loose of the edge of the table and we can all turn it back to where it belongs. We all have our place and the people of this nation rightfully sit at the head of the table, while the elected representatives sit at the kiddy table off to the side. They eat as we do, and enjoy the company but are not allowed to roam around and do whatever they want unless given permission, otherwise they will disturb our meal, and that is just rude and will not be tolerated.

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Elbow Room

If you are found of your freedom then you must be as concerned with the direction of this nation as I am. Patriots are being targeted as potential terrorists because they fly the yellow Don’t Tread On Me flag and it must be like holy water for all secret new world order communist because they are outraged by its meaning and are using peer pressure, ordinances and even local courts to ban it from waving freely in the wind.

The extreme left uses political correctness tactics to avoid being challenged in the daylight, and it has been very effective because paper patriots fail to stand their ground or organize and expose their communist enemies. Rather, they get caught up in the defense of the second amendment which they allowed to evaporate into thin air when they ignored their President Hillbilly Bush to restrict all antiwar protests to softball fields across town, rather than in the street where he or other war hawks were speaking. I guarantee you that this Gadsden Flag flyer in Arizona also wants to ban people’s right to burn the stars and stripes. Just in case the reader is intellectually challenged here, my point is- you can’t restrict other people’s rights and then complain that your rights later are being infringed.

How is it that you can live well into adulthood and still not be able to see past your nose? Have you not heard the saying- what is good for the goose is good for the gander? You cannot humiliate and restrict another person’s right to free speech without restricting your own.

While I’m explaining these simple play nice or suffer the consequences concepts to you, let me warn Christians that if you were ever able to use the laws of this nation to shove your religion down the throats of other people, it would only be a generation or two before your spiritual foes would become the majority and use your laws to shove their religion down the throats of your children and grandchildren. Of course, by the time your great grandchildren came of age they would be your spiritual foe or under such oppression they wouldn’t care to express their beliefs.

As for me, I also fly the great symbol of American freedom and resistance to oppression in the form of the Gadsden Flag; however, I was wise enough to live outside some ridiculous neighborhood ordinance, where people allow their neighbors to dictate the height of your grass and the color of your house. I also respect my nutty neighbors right to think, do and say whatever they wish, and they in turn tolerate my expressions. So, calm down, chill out and look at yourself before judging your neighbor and treat him and her as you would like to be treated.


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Roller Coasters & Scary Movies

People have frail egos. They find the craziest things to make themselves feel important. God ignores their stupid prayers, their government steals their money and death comes early. This draws them to experiences and beliefs that make them feel near death, so they can escape it and feel alive again. After escaping the grasp of the boogieman on Monday, they will search and find a new monster that seeks their demise by Friday.
Roller coasters and scary movies are perfect for this, however, so are the patriot and conspiracy radio hosts and writers as they brew a new reason for you to feel your imminent doom. With the government’s red and green list, you can feel important enough to assume you are on one or the other, and that means the government sees you as a threat and that means that you must be an important patriot!

I have been in the Truth/Conspiracy/Patriot Movement for twenty years and I have seen so many good and somewhat intelligent people play this game of fear from dawn to dusk so they can feel alive. It is precisely why they sit on the sofa and do nothing to make the world better.

I also spent three hours a day for three years hosting a show-  trying to teach them that the answer they are really looking for is within. If you want the world to work better, fix yourself. If you, as I do, believe that government is suffocating freedom, and injecting itself into every facet of life, then do as I have and detach as much as possible, become a better person and raise children that are smarter, wiser, happier and healthier than you are. It is just that easy.
We have a multimillion dollar heirloom seed business – and work to encourage people to grow their own healthy food rather than eating GMO food grown by people they do not know. We also encourage people to return to a simple life, no debt, few taxes and more self sufficient. We built a 550 square foot cabin on five acres that I bought for a few thousand dollars. In order to do it without debt, I worked and lived in a tent, until I built a chicken coup which I moved into until a year later when I finished our tiny house, which cost $8,000 and is beautiful. Five years later we have a garden, goats, rabbits, and chickens to help feed us. I barter with my neighbors in order to avoid taxes. We are then able to financially support orphanages in the Phillipines and Mexico.

Am I anti-government, anti-religion, and anti-civilization? Yes, but not merely in words. We live a life that is not a threat or harmful but contrary to the enemy of humanity. If you have interest in my books or videos, they are at  You might find a new way of thinking and living, so don’t go there if you are currently plunging to your fictional death.

The games people play are so easy to see when you are on the outside looking in. Step out with me and watch the silly people play.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

For Guys & Hot Chicks Only

This car was a national winner 2005 in pro stock 10.1 E.T. and finalist 8 straight years. The engine is a 508, 711 h.p. with a 1150 race gas carb and a 5500 stall converter and race trans. built for 9,000 rpm. I should come off the line about 30" off the ground. HANG ON BABY. It is also built for nitrous which will drop me from 9.6 and 145 mph to 8.2 or so and 165 mph. Fast is faster but as you guys might know, nitrous is hard on an engine so I probably won't go that route.

I am painting it next month, and installing new sponsorship. If you have any ideas on color for me I'd welcome the input. Right now I was going with a dark metallic blue. By the way, the car came without engine or transmission so, I had to have those specially built for me. It has been expensive but fun and soon funner.

As we tuned it up and made the typical modifications, we went through 5 gallons of gas in no time. I think it will use 2 gallons per 1/4 mile run. Racing gas goes fro about $8 per gallon so wow.

I reckon this will cause a few of you to remember yesterday when you had a hot rod and cruised the streets late Friday night. (be sure to read my previous post- first in months).

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It has been a while

Hello Folks, I took a few months off, wasn't sure I would actually return to write on this blog but decided to give it a whirl after all. For whatever reason, I could never get past 165 followers, stuck there for almost a year. As I was cleaning this blog up- removing all my old posts and your comments, I was surprised to know that I had written 250 posts, and got over 1,200 responses. However, I must tell you that if I am going to do this again, you need to help by referring your friends to this blog, otherwise I will likely end it soon. This is a two-way relationship. I do not exist and put out so you can randomly read my thoughts. I expect you to put out as much as I am. Too many people are learning to take-take-take and I'm not playing that game anymore.

I should probably update you on what has transpired on my end over the past several months that I've been living for myself rather than for other people.

  1. I began writing professionally, and have written over 40 articles, 3 per week, and so far have had them published 223 times.
  2. I also wrote a couple of short booklets and filmed several videos, you can see them at I will be releasing a new video every couple of weeks.
  3. Our family became a sponsor of two orphanages-in Juarez Mexico and the Philippines. We are sponsoring one such young person to also go to college. You can see the orphanages at  a link is there.
  4. I built a 1971 El Camino drag race car. We intend to race it in 3 weeks, I will have video and photos. The car has a 508 chevy big block with 711 horse power. We should run 9.6 seconds in the 1/4 mile at 145 mph. I will be attaching the parachute tonight. Plan on having some fun as your world falls apart.
  5. We stopped giving all our hard earned money away to parasitic patriots and that feels damn good.
  6. I and my wife now work only 6 hours a day and take 3 day weekends. We have a lot more time now that we are not working for takers and now work for ourselves.
Let me suggest that those of you that hate everything I do and stand for because you are a jealous parasite and think that I owe you, that you go elsewhere. How sick is it that you can't help but read every word I write? Why put yourself through that anguish. I don't care what you think, why would you subject your sad existence to worshiping my words?

I'm no longer doing anything that does not benefit me. I'm more like you all now in that regards, I live for me now. Screw the weak, the ignorant and the takers. So if you are a leech or a loser I guarantee you that you will not like my articles here- I'm sorry many of you are unwilling or incapable of aspiring and accomplishing anything. But that is on you, not me.

 As for the patriot and conspiracy movement----------I'm done leading that pile of shit to the light. If you feel insulted by that statement then you must live vicariously through a group and not as an individual and I can't help you. And you must not have done anything inside the movement because you would be agreeing with me because you would know what I know by now.

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