Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Great Killers During Economic Collapse

      1.      No access to prescription medication
With so many Americans on prescription drugs, the number one killer in an economic collapse will be due to people not having their available prescriptions because transportation will shut down and money will be worthless.
      2.      Illness from poor water
Americans take water for granted. Within a few weeks of no healthy water services, even suburbia will begin to reflect the third world as people frantically search for water to boil.
      3.      Disease
Disease takes hold of a nation that has poor water and hygiene. Add into the mix, rotting corpses and rats, and disease can become devastating to a community or entire nation within days.
4.      Despair leading to poor decisions
Dehydration, along with fatigue is a major cause of mental fatigue. This will inevitably lead to choices that can result in physical trauma or death.
5.      Desperate neighbors and gangs
As food and water become scarce and people get angry because the government has failed them, the potential of violence increases dramatically. Unfortunately, a small spark of violence often leads to mayhem.
6.      Accidents with no emergency care
Infections can kill if left untreated, especially when a person is unhealthy. Stepping on a rusty nail or falling down and breaking an arm can ultimately lead to death.
7.      Govt. covert operations
Throughout history, governments often overreact with force in order to control the populace it sees as out of control or a potential risk to government. With a grab bag of black op weaponry, it is likely government will use technology to halt social breakdown and confine citizens in order to control them. Resistance to this action usually leads to casualties on both sides.
8.      Govt. troops
In order to keep control, government often uses the military to patrol and imprison anybody seen as a risk of its authority. In an economic collapse, justice is secondary and results are paramount. This usually incites conflict with those that be independent of government control and that conflict produces violence.
      9.      Starvation
      The human body can live without food for a week without damaging the body. After a week however, people become desperate  and mentally unstable and physically weak.
10.    Invasion by foreign troops
It is rare that a foreign nation takes advantage of an economic collapse and invades another nation because its military cannot function well inside a nation that is bankrupt and the populace is out of control.

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