Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5 Stages of Personal Wealth Evaporation

We have found ourselves in limbo struggling to find our way out of this economic collapse. Amongst failing presidential approval rates and the ever increasing number of unemployment, we have made the mistake of believing and hoping tomorrow will be perfectly fine. However, our culture has made the mistake of hoping everything will work itself out by tomorrow morning and we won't have to make any preparations. Listed below are the 5 stages of personal wealth evaporation.

1.      As long as the myth of capitalism is sustained, people have confidence that tomorrow will be like today and soon things will get even better. Over time, we have built a mirage of wealth and a facade of fake wealth.  Here are a few of the things/items that give the average person financial well being: job status, job benefits, retirement plan, social security, home appraised value, credit rating, size of house, new car.
2.      When times become unstable and people begin to lose faith in their economic future, there are particular items that people begin to value and prioritize. Although the following items should naturally rate above the new shiny car you have sitting in your driveway, when your immediate future looks uncertain these concerns rise to the top of your priority list: job stability, money saved, low debt, dependable transportation, government stability.
3.      As the national economy begins to crumble, unemployment soars and protests begin. The community evolves, creates groups and organizes. When these steps are completed we start to value: income, low debt, food stocked, gold and silver, transportation, political reform.
4.      When the economy collapses, people's and small communities main priorities are: water, dehydrated food, heirloom garden seeds, self defense, safe living area, survival knowledge, and medical supplies.
5.      When government fully turns against the common people, the priorities change: revenge against all politicians.

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