Thursday, September 30, 2010

Abbreviated Communication Society

My last post about the ridiculous over population theory that most people just swallow hook-line and sinker without, as usual, think it out for themselves, was published about 15 minutes before a follower- FrugalRedneck responded with her experiences regarding the insults she gets from these over pop clones and I just have to address it.

First, you must read her comments on the previous post. It is a very powerful testimony about clones and how they think. By the way, I thank you all for having wonderful, independent thinking and wise children that understand how to think, work and live! However, her comments spur me to write this...

Unless you have received a couple hundred emails daily for several years regarding your opinions, you probably don't fully see the world and the people in it as they really are. Just as what was related in her comments, people, and i mean you, keep assuming shit so you don't have to think intelligently. Why would a person assume that this woman with seven well-behaved children is on welfare? Why the hell is that the first thought? If I saw her and her family, I would think- wow, I wonder how they do it? But I wouldn't f--ing assume welfare was their answer. Out of curiosity, I might even strike up a conversation so I could find out those answers. All of us make assumptions, but I work hard trying not to because I like to think things out and find the truth for myself, rather than rounding the edges so I can believe the lies.

Another issue that I run into constantly with losers using emails is that they 90% of the time insult me personally without meaning to. They might in a disagreement say- you're an asshole! And then they are surprised to reap my wrath. Seriously, I spend about 10 minutes a day, copying and pasting sentences from emails and send them back to the sender to show them their outrageous and insulting b.s. Each time they apologize, not realizing what they wrote. This is the problem with our abbreviated communication society. Texts, cell phone calls in a hurry, and blogs and responses are never ending. It forces all of us to rush around like chickens without heads, as we crash and burn our way to the feeders. So let me suggest that you start thinking before you respond and save yourself from revealing your lack of thinking.

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