Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Burgundy Party

There are many reasons why I believe the Tea Party Movement will not succeed, but I have selected the top 8 reasons why it will fail and listed the below. keep in mind that although all of the reasons listed below are proven fact over the course of 5 years, it is my opinion that the Tea party will not have an effect on the direction our nation is headed currently.

1. The people involved in Tea Parties still believe in the process of elections, although overwhelming evidence exists to prove that election fraud is rampant. The system we are participating in is broken and corrupt.
2. Politicians only offer them the words they want to hear until they are elected. Then they serve the secret agenda that got them support from globalist who are determined to build a world economy and world government.
3. All new political movements are infiltrated by wolves in sheep’s clothing with the simple intention of leading it towards an isolated direction.
4. Disputes then begin inside and splinter the movement until it is too small to have any impact.
5. Once new congressional leaders are elected, they are regulated to the bottom of the power rung, by the time they attain seniority, they have been corrupted and are no different than what they replaced because the system is rotten from the inside.
6. The media controls the perception of everything since the majority of Americans believe what they media tells them.
7. The majority of Americans have woke up to the above and disengaged from the entire process and don’t vote.
8. Collectively, Americans have become apathetic and would prefer to watch life two dimensionally, living vicariously through other people, than to take action and make a better world. Like Plato said, they watch the shadows on the cave walls thinking that is reality.

I hope I am wrong in general about a third party, because the red and blue have become broken colors, and now merged and become burgundy.

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