Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dehydrated Food Sales Up 2,000%


· No Inventory Required Because We Drop Ship Your Orders

· No Investment Needed

· Earn $100 on Every Sale

· You Get Paid First, Then Send the Balance to Us

· No Marketing Expenses Because We supply You With Banners and Emails

· GET FREE FOOD. Sell 15 and We Will Ship You $850 in Dehydrated Food on Top of Your $1,500 Commission

· This Offer Is Limited To 50 Distributors.

· Minimum Performance- Sell Just ONE Order Per Month

Why Patriot Food? Because we are the lowest priced dehydrated food company on the planet and in a tight economy, people are looking for value. Our dehydrated food is also MSD FREE, our competition isn't. We have 25 varieties of dehydrated food, 135 pounds and sell it for 75% less than our competition. We also ship within 5 business days.

No company can match our commission program and it can’t be easier. Email right now and SAY- I WANT TO BECOME A PATRIOT FOOD DISTRIBUTOR NOW along with your name, mailing address, phone number and email. We will assign you a distributorship, some helpful how to information about marketing our dehydrated food, our banner ads in addition to a few email sales letters. Don’t wait, start today.

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