Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Elbow Room

If you are found of your freedom then you must be as concerned with the direction of this nation as I am. Patriots are being targeted as potential terrorists because they fly the yellow Don’t Tread On Me flag and it must be like holy water for all secret new world order communist because they are outraged by its meaning and are using peer pressure, ordinances and even local courts to ban it from waving freely in the wind.

The extreme left uses political correctness tactics to avoid being challenged in the daylight, and it has been very effective because paper patriots fail to stand their ground or organize and expose their communist enemies. Rather, they get caught up in the defense of the second amendment which they allowed to evaporate into thin air when they ignored their President Hillbilly Bush to restrict all antiwar protests to softball fields across town, rather than in the street where he or other war hawks were speaking. I guarantee you that this Gadsden Flag flyer in Arizona also wants to ban people’s right to burn the stars and stripes. Just in case the reader is intellectually challenged here, my point is- you can’t restrict other people’s rights and then complain that your rights later are being infringed.

How is it that you can live well into adulthood and still not be able to see past your nose? Have you not heard the saying- what is good for the goose is good for the gander? You cannot humiliate and restrict another person’s right to free speech without restricting your own.

While I’m explaining these simple play nice or suffer the consequences concepts to you, let me warn Christians that if you were ever able to use the laws of this nation to shove your religion down the throats of other people, it would only be a generation or two before your spiritual foes would become the majority and use your laws to shove their religion down the throats of your children and grandchildren. Of course, by the time your great grandchildren came of age they would be your spiritual foe or under such oppression they wouldn’t care to express their beliefs.

As for me, I also fly the great symbol of American freedom and resistance to oppression in the form of the Gadsden Flag; however, I was wise enough to live outside some ridiculous neighborhood ordinance, where people allow their neighbors to dictate the height of your grass and the color of your house. I also respect my nutty neighbors right to think, do and say whatever they wish, and they in turn tolerate my expressions. So, calm down, chill out and look at yourself before judging your neighbor and treat him and her as you would like to be treated.


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