Sunday, September 26, 2010

God’s Gardener Was Murdered This Week

By Big John Lipscomb,
Twenty years ago a very lost, scared and hungry four year old boy wondering the streets of Juarez Mexico, a block south of El Paso Texas, found his way into the caring arms of Mexico’s Lady Teresa- Josephine. Today, she has built a an orphanage for 110 boys and girls lucky enough to find their way to this safe haven, surrounded by eight foot concrete walls, topped by razor wire to keep kidnappers out and the hope of tomorrow safely tucked inside.

The small frail boy she took into her care two decades ago was Ernesto. A very special young man. Ernesto was training to become a professional boxer so he could give more money to the children of Casa Hogar de Bethel Orphanage. More than he already was. See, I had arranged through the Rotary of Alamogordo New Mexico, to pay for Ernesto to continue his mission of making the orphanage self sufficient by building raised bed gardens and planting our heirloom seeds, using rain off water from the several buildings inside the orphanage. He did this because for twenty years he had a safe place to sleep and play, but often the children eat only one small meal each day because the government doesn’t have the means to help such causes and the local economy is devastated by the drug gangs battling for control.
Society has nearly collapsed in Juarez as a dozen people are murdered daily in the streets, leaving so many children homeless. But yesterday, Ernesto, God’s new gardener was murdered as he made his way to the orphanage to plant more vegetable seeds, so 110 small and hungry brothers and sisters could eat well. It is a very, very sad day for those of us trying to make the world better.
We now have an opening for gardener in the most dangerous city on earth. If you want to serve God and a hundred hungry children, let us know. If you are slightly busy, perhaps you could send a small donation to help us, help them, which is really helping all of us.

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