Friday, September 24, 2010

How To Save the World

People that have never done anything of value to help themselves or others, will always be inclined to save the world in an illusionary way because they haven't a clue of reality (how it works)- because they never live there. Furthermore, people that have castrated themselves, will also believe that others have power over them. This allows them to continue playing the victim and pretend that action is always just beyond their reach. How convenient to not have to do anything but cry about how it should be.

It just says so much about a person if they claim they would do this or that if they had the power or money that others have. First, you don't. Second, why is that? Third, we wouldn't know unless you were there in reality. Fourth, your grand plan is--- what?

Show me a man that talks and talks about the new world order victimizing him and others and I will show you a "man" that has given all his power away so he doesn't have to be held responsible for his own crappy life.

Few of you will like any of this because almost none make their life, they instead just bitch and moan about not having one, always blaming other people for not giving them a chance. That is what's wrong with us more than the elite. For god sakes, try looking within, instead of always pointing and blaming people you will never meet.

Save the world by freeing kenneled dogs and using money to pay other people to take care of them is the silliest thing I have ever read on the internet. I guess perhaps my ideas of self sufficiency- experienced by me and many others, might not be for the weak, but is freeing unwanted dogs the the best solution that a person can come up with when considering wealth and the lack of empathy in the world?

I think a solution like that is really about that person's desire to be fed and loved and have a better job, than a solution in reality. Some dogs as well as people wouldn't be alive if they didn't have to live off the efforts of other people. Both the weakest in America and the elite are guilty of this. Rid the world of them with a grand decade of hyperinflation and that will be solved and not a day too soon.

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