Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Inner Critique

I have always marveled at how stupid people are. They tend to climb their way from birth to death without every wondering exactly what they believe and how they came to believe it. And they never take a critical look at their own beliefs in order to discard the silly stuff.

We all have stuff in our heads that need adjusting or tossing entirely. Like old movies, they seem so good when we saw them originally as a kid but when you watch them as adults, you usually are shocked to realize how poor they are. Well, I guarantee you that’s exactly how it is with many of your beliefs. Many are downright silly but until you analyze them, you wouldn’t know.

I have a Christian friend that has claimed Christianity for his entire life. Within a couple of hours of answering some tough questions from me, he discovered that he only believed because he grew up in a family that believed, therefore adopted the beliefs of his family. He became further convinced solely because of his respect for a single preacher he had seen on television while in college. Yet, when it came to answering some of the most mundane facts about Christianity he couldn’t which helped him realize that he was not basing his faith on knowledge but what other people believed. In the end of our discussion, he also admitted that his beliefs were rather immature, like a child. This happened because he never sought answers after adopting the premise and therefore was an empty bullhorn for Christ.

My friend then devoted himself to starting over as a Christian and find his own faith through his own research. I’m not sure he is still a Christian but whatever he now believes is of his own choosing and that is how it should be.

Do yourself a favor and spend a few hours every couple of years and become the critic to your own beliefs and check out some of my rather unique beliefs
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