Monday, September 13, 2010

It has been a while

Hello Folks, I took a few months off, wasn't sure I would actually return to write on this blog but decided to give it a whirl after all. For whatever reason, I could never get past 165 followers, stuck there for almost a year. As I was cleaning this blog up- removing all my old posts and your comments, I was surprised to know that I had written 250 posts, and got over 1,200 responses. However, I must tell you that if I am going to do this again, you need to help by referring your friends to this blog, otherwise I will likely end it soon. This is a two-way relationship. I do not exist and put out so you can randomly read my thoughts. I expect you to put out as much as I am. Too many people are learning to take-take-take and I'm not playing that game anymore.

I should probably update you on what has transpired on my end over the past several months that I've been living for myself rather than for other people.

  1. I began writing professionally, and have written over 40 articles, 3 per week, and so far have had them published 223 times.
  2. I also wrote a couple of short booklets and filmed several videos, you can see them at I will be releasing a new video every couple of weeks.
  3. Our family became a sponsor of two orphanages-in Juarez Mexico and the Philippines. We are sponsoring one such young person to also go to college. You can see the orphanages at  a link is there.
  4. I built a 1971 El Camino drag race car. We intend to race it in 3 weeks, I will have video and photos. The car has a 508 chevy big block with 711 horse power. We should run 9.6 seconds in the 1/4 mile at 145 mph. I will be attaching the parachute tonight. Plan on having some fun as your world falls apart.
  5. We stopped giving all our hard earned money away to parasitic patriots and that feels damn good.
  6. I and my wife now work only 6 hours a day and take 3 day weekends. We have a lot more time now that we are not working for takers and now work for ourselves.
Let me suggest that those of you that hate everything I do and stand for because you are a jealous parasite and think that I owe you, that you go elsewhere. How sick is it that you can't help but read every word I write? Why put yourself through that anguish. I don't care what you think, why would you subject your sad existence to worshiping my words?

I'm no longer doing anything that does not benefit me. I'm more like you all now in that regards, I live for me now. Screw the weak, the ignorant and the takers. So if you are a leech or a loser I guarantee you that you will not like my articles here- I'm sorry many of you are unwilling or incapable of aspiring and accomplishing anything. But that is on you, not me.

 As for the patriot and conspiracy movement----------I'm done leading that pile of shit to the light. If you feel insulted by that statement then you must live vicariously through a group and not as an individual and I can't help you. And you must not have done anything inside the movement because you would be agreeing with me because you would know what I know by now.

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