Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OFFICIAL: Religious people are stupid

The Associated Press, the pillar of spin, just released an article based on a survey about religion and the stumbling fools that chase it. Atheists and agnostics scored highest, Jews and Mormons held their own, while Catholics and Protestants scored just above retardation. And so, I am proved correct once again. Here's the link- http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_rel_religious_literacy_poll
I wonder how gnostics like me would have scored? Just in case you don't know-
–adjective Also, gnos·ti·cal.
pertaining to knowledge.
possessing knowledge, esp. esoteric knowledge of spiritual matters.
( initial capital letter ) pertaining to or characteristic of the Gnostics.
( initial capital letter ) a member of any of certain sects among the early Christians who claimed to have superior knowledge of spiritual matters, and explained the world as created by powers or agencies arising as emanations from the Godhead.

1555–65;  < LL Gnōsticī  (pl.) name of the sect < Gk gnōstikós  (sing.) pertaining to knowledge, equiv. to gnōst ( ós ) known + -ikos -ic

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