Thursday, September 30, 2010

Over Population

The new world order can get even so-called awake people to believe anything. If they say the sky is green, and pull out a photoshopped image of such a thing, along with some guy in a lab coat, 98% of amerikans will start believing it. Why? Well first a person has to be dumb as a bag of rocks. By the way, if you want to know how dumb your children are-- 92% of high school seniors CANNOT pass the G.E.D. exam.
The second thing a person need in order to believe crazy wacked out stuff is the sense that other people should do the thinking. The last part is even easier, people need to have TRUTH on their list of priorities near the bottom, down by scrubbing the mud off your work boots and washing the dog.

Now, from experience, I know that you think I'm talking about your neighbor but in reality, I'm probably talking about you- when it comes to people believing b.s. Let's take the earth and the issue of overpopulation. Are there cities with too many people? Probably but it doesn't seem to matter to the idiots living there so why the heck would it matter to you? However, extending that to the planet is like assuming you are as free as I am because we both live in the USA. Now that's funny.

Anyway, here is my undeniable rebuttel to the lie paraded by stupid people- that the world is over populated.
1. Have you ever been in an airplane? Did you ever fly a thousand miles? Did you ever look the heck down? Did you see the rest of us elbow to elbow or did you just see open freaking space?
2. 6 billion people live on the planet---perhaps that's a lie too but either way, let's assume its true. How much land does a human need to live on? Remember, 1/4 of an acre will enable you to grow most of your vegetables, chicken and rabbit. The average amerikan owns or rents 1/16 of an acre today.
3. If you take 6 billion people (children and adults) and assign them all 1/4 acre, you can fit them all in an area the size of the state of Texas. Leaving the other 97% of the earth empty.
4. Even today, 25% of all food grown is wasted, as it is either plowed back into the field to keep food prices high, or spoiled because it is left uneaten.
5. If you were to take every farm on earth and place them side by side, you could easily fit them in an area the size of China, leaving the rest of the planet untouched.

Now I'm not saying this is what should be done. I am merely presenting the truth in a factual manner. To say that the earth is overpopulated is as insane as saying you were smart enough to figure this out like me.

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