Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pentagon Pedophiles

Pentagon Pedophiles

By Big John Lipscomb

They tried to sweep this under the rug, as do all pedophiles, but so far it appears that the world is finally beginning to see how twisted our military really is, as 250 military personnel have been caught using their own credit cards and PayPal accounts to order child porn while working. At some point, citizens are going to stop allowing these socially demented generals to use our children as cannon fodder. How many times have these nitwits paraded themselves in front of Congress with all their shiny medals, in order to address the tens of billions of dollars being unaccounted for,or for sexual harassment and sexual assaults, and racism, and killing innocent civilians and just plain out failure to win a war against a band of men and goats? They have all the money on earth, over a hundred nations and hundreds of thousands of trained troops with more technology that e.t. and after eight years they had to leave with their tails tucked and rightfully so. They should never have been there. They bombed the mac-jesus out of a sovereign nation and its people not because the 9-11 terrorists were from there, but because they look like possible terrorists. Yet, our Congressional members are entangled with such fear or awe of these paper and overly metaled men, that they never fire or reprimand any of them or stand them up in front of a firing squad. I say enough!

Now we discover they tried to sweep this child porn under the rug like ignoring a pedophile inside the military family. The fat and sick green line. These generals must be held accountable at some point. Who the hell is in charge? Who the hell is the commander? And why the hell are they never held responsible? Why do we allow the one institution that prides itself on strength and conviction and honor and responsibility and everything good under the sun, to get so off course?

Let’s do what staticians do. If 250 were caught, the real number of deviants must be ten times higher. But what about those that are clever enough to seek child porn on their own time, at home? Are we talking about tens of thousands? Is our military full of wacked out sexually corrupted sociopaths? My money says yes. And since the military prison abuses that we all saw photos of in the early part of this wicked war, which was based on lies by the military and the intelligence agencies, didn’t alarm Americans, I doubt they care about this either. Which really says everything you need to know about the American citizenry. Looking close at us, is making me sick to my stomach.

We get what we deserve and we deserve this kind of military and politics because we have never demanded better. No need to fret, I'm sure we are about to run off the edge of the cliff

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