Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pleading Guilty

So it’s near the end of the day and up pops an article on yahoo news about innocent people confessing to crimes they did NOT commit. Apparently, some people bend under pressure and in order to stop the police interrogation, they confess to a crime that they had nothing to do with. Of course, the confession requires some “known facts” but that is always fed to the innocent by the police during the interrogation. I can hear it now, “Did you strike her from behind with a heavy object or in front?”
I understand a person being so overwhelmed by lying and manipulative police officers confessing if they have mental challenges or are young, but for all the rest, if you are dumb enough to confess, you deserve to sit in prison. Bring out the water boards, the electric shock devices and pliers to give me a manicure, I am not squawking to something I didn’t do and you shouldn’t either.
It is legal for the police to lie, which explains a lot about the integrity of our judicial system right there. However, there is another issue that needs some light shed on it. Police often have a mindset that everybody is guilty and that everybody is capable of terrible things. This is drilled into them and I think that they, like you and me, actually project their own sins back on the general public and especially onto the poor slob that is getting interrogated. With that mind set and the desire to get a god ‘ol boy back slap and extra stripe, in addition to closing a case file, having the innocent confess to crimes is probably a lot more common than we wish to think. Then when you consider how dumb downed most Americans are, I’m actually surprised there’s anybody outside the bars.
Our judicial system is broken and if it is ever going to get fixed, you have to start at the bottom and that is where innocent people are brought in and questioned by liars and manipulators.
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