Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Roller Coasters & Scary Movies

People have frail egos. They find the craziest things to make themselves feel important. God ignores their stupid prayers, their government steals their money and death comes early. This draws them to experiences and beliefs that make them feel near death, so they can escape it and feel alive again. After escaping the grasp of the boogieman on Monday, they will search and find a new monster that seeks their demise by Friday.
Roller coasters and scary movies are perfect for this, however, so are the patriot and conspiracy radio hosts and writers as they brew a new reason for you to feel your imminent doom. With the government’s red and green list, you can feel important enough to assume you are on one or the other, and that means the government sees you as a threat and that means that you must be an important patriot!

I have been in the Truth/Conspiracy/Patriot Movement for twenty years and I have seen so many good and somewhat intelligent people play this game of fear from dawn to dusk so they can feel alive. It is precisely why they sit on the sofa and do nothing to make the world better.

I also spent three hours a day for three years hosting a show- www.donttreadonme.tv  trying to teach them that the answer they are really looking for is within. If you want the world to work better, fix yourself. If you, as I do, believe that government is suffocating freedom, and injecting itself into every facet of life, then do as I have and detach as much as possible, become a better person and raise children that are smarter, wiser, happier and healthier than you are. It is just that easy.
We have a multimillion dollar heirloom seed business – www.survivalistseeds.com and work to encourage people to grow their own healthy food rather than eating GMO food grown by people they do not know. We also encourage people to return to a simple life, no debt, few taxes and more self sufficient. We built a 550 square foot cabin on five acres that I bought for a few thousand dollars. In order to do it without debt, I worked and lived in a tent, until I built a chicken coup which I moved into until a year later when I finished our tiny house, which cost $8,000 and is beautiful. Five years later we have a garden, goats, rabbits, and chickens to help feed us. I barter with my neighbors in order to avoid taxes. We are then able to financially support orphanages in the Phillipines and Mexico.

Am I anti-government, anti-religion, and anti-civilization? Yes, but not merely in words. We live a life that is not a threat or harmful but contrary to the enemy of humanity. If you have interest in my books or videos, they are at www.bigjohnlipscomb.com  You might find a new way of thinking and living, so don’t go there if you are currently plunging to your fictional death.

The games people play are so easy to see when you are on the outside looking in. Step out with me and watch the silly people play.

For More... http://www.bigjohnlipscomb.com

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