Monday, September 27, 2010

Stand by the Devils

Some mega church pastor has been accused of manipulating four young men into having sex with him. Of course the so-called religious Christians in his church gather around him like flies on shit and offer their unwavering support, so they can all feel the love and the victimhood they all preach as they move ever forward toward their demise and doom.
In Wichita Kansas, the police finally arrested the BTK serial killer six years ago. BTK stands for bind, torture and kill. Guess what he did on Sundays? Yep, he went to church as an associate pastor to his best friend, the pastor. And guess who supported him throughout the trial, even after conviction and overwhelming evidence was laid out for the world audience to see? Yes indeed, every member of that hideous church in Park City Kansas, suburb of Wichita.
They held vigils, raised money for his defense and visited him daily. They loved the man that killed innocent men, women and children for thirty years. They never apologized, or acknowledged their stupidity or regret. Nope, they just wept on television about their friend being caught and charged and convicted for the murders.
In case you don’t know, or are one yourself, people are insane and stupid- in a general sense. Of course there’s a few of us that are awake but not many. This is confirmed deep down in my soul every time I watch millions in Catholic Mass giving their support to a church that has raped and slaughtered and molested its way to the throne of the devil. I cannot wait for judgment day, when all, including myself, are held accountable for their actions, non actions and sins of the heart. On that day, will any remain?

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