Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We Serve Them Now

Somehow over the past few decades the tables have been turned and our representatives have stopped serving the people and they have determined that we are to serve them by paying taxes without being represented. How did this happen? The answer is- one degree at a time. Slow enough that we hardly noticed, yet as most of us reflect back to how the relationship between elected officials and their constituents were a few decades ago, things have changed dramatically.

I predict that people eventually will feel such frustration that they will begin openly disrespecting authority in general. This will progress until it reaches critical mass and members of congress start getting shot. That will cause government to reconsider its position of master verses servant.

Either way, the detachment that government has instituted is the cause that will meet an effect sooner or later. The longer it takes to return to a proper relationship between the people and their government the more severe the effect will be.

I suggest that you stand up and voice your concerns now or it will be too late, later. And later can get rather ugly and dangerous. Like a guy with a bad temper, it is healthy to vent on a regular basis, otherwise he explodes in a very regretful manner later when his friends and family often least expect it. So, do the right thing and show some disrespect for your elected representatives, and maybe they will let loose of the edge of the table and we can all turn it back to where it belongs. We all have our place and the people of this nation rightfully sit at the head of the table, while the elected representatives sit at the kiddy table off to the side. They eat as we do, and enjoy the company but are not allowed to roam around and do whatever they want unless given permission, otherwise they will disturb our meal, and that is just rude and will not be tolerated.

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