Wednesday, October 6, 2010


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Most Powerful 2 Minutes Ever

I feature this video on my website but click on it and watch it on and be humbled by the truth. A trillion words have been spoken about this, but this man explains it better in 2 minutes with a little help from a paint brush.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gun Confessions to the IRS

The weak amongst us are beginning to get nervous and will soon begin jumping to their deaths from tall buildings as the internet circulates the story about Obama’s plan to persuade American’s to admit to having guns on their IRS income tax forms. It has not been passed into law and probably will never be because it is unconstitutional and Obama knows it. However, they do wish to use peer pressure and public opinion in order to get you to comply to their wishes of gun control. And most will because they are easily manipulated into doing whatever the majority or passionate minority desires.
Gun control will not break the camel’s back, as most patriotic American’s claim. It will only be just one more thing that separates the men from the boys and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The patriot community gets bent out of shape whenever they see a new threat to their freedoms. However, those of us that will, as our founding fathers did, fight to the death to keep them, just sit back and watch the paper patriots run around like headless chickens because government continues to press upon their easy life of pretending to care but never enough to draw their line in the dirt, as they always are looking for a strong hero to make the stand for them. He has never arrived and never will because the hero must come from within and they have never grasped this. So they panic as government encroaches upon their very breathe and awaits their awakening.
Next time you read or hear a paper patriot ranting and raving about government stealing his freedom and money, respond by telling him that freedom and money is not his, unless he is willing to protect it. Therefore, government is a beautiful thief that steals the souls of man, even in the daylight. Then suggest that he surrender everything now, and leave the manly stuff to others. This way we are not forced to hear his cowardly cries.

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My First Garage

Houses for vehicles. That's what I called garages for my entire life. Heck most garages are nicer than the two homes I have built, and much nicer than either of the chicken coups I lived inside. I even have a friend that has a three car garage with a heated floor so the tires don't get cold. HA. So, now that our dehydrated food business has really taken off, I decided to join the clones and build me a three car garage too. Mine has no electricity or heat, and as of right now, has no garage doors. Those will come during the winter. But now I have room for some of my gas combustion contraptions.

The bay where the 4x4 Ford is, will be where I store my 1971 El Camino drag car. It is at a buddies shop, and will be painted this winter. I hope to paint that truck this Fall. I have the chestnut brown paint, just lack the time. I've never painted an automobile before. Might as well practice on something that will be covered up by mud.

Other than adding the garage doors, I still need to run 30' of guttering on the backside, so I can catch all that rainwater into a tank and water my horses for free. By the way, we are down to just our favorite 4 horses now. I bought 35 quarter horses a little over a year ago. The horse market has collapsed because there is a shortage of slaughter plants and that causes an over abundance of horses, which then creates a fall in prices. I will try to take pictures of our horses tomorrow and share those with you.

The black barrels are soon to be solar dehydrators that I have been perfecting. I should have an article on it in about a week. I still have a few tweeks to make.

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Monday, October 4, 2010


Yesterday- Sunday, was great. I had already done most of my work at my homestead during the week. I had an appointment to meet a reporter that had drove several hours to interview me for an article in- The New Pioneer- A Complete Guide To Self Reliant Living MAGAZINE. The reporter was a former newspaper editor, turned retired freelance and full time reporter.

Unlike most interviews, this guy was great. He asked intelligent questions and allowed me to talk about homesteading as much as straw bale home construction, which was the basis of the interview. He had read about my work last year at the University of Pittsburg, KS, and was hired to interview an expert in straw bale construction.

Anyway, although he was an older gentleman and lived in the city all his life, he had a real interest the simple life we have lived over the past twenty years. If he had been thirty and not sixty, I think I would have converted him into a micro farmer and hell, maybe even a patriot.

I guess that is an important issue that I have never considered- age. If you have already spent fifty plus years living a life inside the city and in debt, it is very unlikely that you would change direction that late in the game. However, its never too late to go in the right direction.
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Saturday, October 2, 2010


My one hour DVD is now available at 

I have sent out a few dozen earlier this week, and have received some very powerful responses about it. Many are saying that is already changed their reality. It is original and profound and I hope you check it out--- Dowsing Consciousness.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Jail the Smokers or Enjoy the Fires?

I just saw a couple of articles this morning about fire and smoke. The first was about several Nazis sitting at home in Cincinnati Ohio, where they called the health department to rat on the Reds baseball team which had just won an important game, making it into the playoffs, I guess. Apparently, it is illegal to smoke in public places and so these slimy snakes with nothing better to do than to tattle-tell on the horrible act of smoking a cigar in a locker room, just couldn't hold back their nature to rat.

I hate smoke. I have never smoked. I had parents that smoked and being a young athlete, I often stayed in my bedroom or outside just to avoid the stupid smoke. But I'd rather have my skin peeled off in the hot sun than to rat on these celebrating ball players. These sorts of rat people are among us. They always have been. They relish working for the authorities, no matter who or what the authority is. They love to scurry around on their bellies after whatever master is in charge. As the New World Order herds most of you into mega compliance centers, you'll come across them personally, hell, you might even be one yourself- I get a lot of CIA and authoritarian personalities reading my blog. However, like I said a million times, this entire life is only designed to force all of us to reveal our core nature.

Then there was the article about a dozen NATO oil tankers set on fire by Islamic terrorists/freedom fighters. It is easy for many of you to hate these guys, and if you do, although they have never done anything to you personally, because you are programmed to hate them. Of course, I label them as freedom fighters and you might call them terrorists, but keep in mind that the enemy of your enemy is not all that bad and if the issue is too complex for you, maybe you don't have a full understanding of the facts.

Hopefully you can see how the manipulators try to get you to hate others while they- the manipulators steal the world. They are able to do this by reaching down to your core, where racism resides comfortably. So, I sit back today and am enjoying both the cigar and oil smoke and hope you are too, as the price of gasoline and intelligence goes through the roof.

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