Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gun Confessions to the IRS

The weak amongst us are beginning to get nervous and will soon begin jumping to their deaths from tall buildings as the internet circulates the story about Obama’s plan to persuade American’s to admit to having guns on their IRS income tax forms. It has not been passed into law and probably will never be because it is unconstitutional and Obama knows it. However, they do wish to use peer pressure and public opinion in order to get you to comply to their wishes of gun control. And most will because they are easily manipulated into doing whatever the majority or passionate minority desires.
Gun control will not break the camel’s back, as most patriotic American’s claim. It will only be just one more thing that separates the men from the boys and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The patriot community gets bent out of shape whenever they see a new threat to their freedoms. However, those of us that will, as our founding fathers did, fight to the death to keep them, just sit back and watch the paper patriots run around like headless chickens because government continues to press upon their easy life of pretending to care but never enough to draw their line in the dirt, as they always are looking for a strong hero to make the stand for them. He has never arrived and never will because the hero must come from within and they have never grasped this. So they panic as government encroaches upon their very breathe and awaits their awakening.
Next time you read or hear a paper patriot ranting and raving about government stealing his freedom and money, respond by telling him that freedom and money is not his, unless he is willing to protect it. Therefore, government is a beautiful thief that steals the souls of man, even in the daylight. Then suggest that he surrender everything now, and leave the manly stuff to others. This way we are not forced to hear his cowardly cries.

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