Friday, October 1, 2010

Jail the Smokers or Enjoy the Fires?

I just saw a couple of articles this morning about fire and smoke. The first was about several Nazis sitting at home in Cincinnati Ohio, where they called the health department to rat on the Reds baseball team which had just won an important game, making it into the playoffs, I guess. Apparently, it is illegal to smoke in public places and so these slimy snakes with nothing better to do than to tattle-tell on the horrible act of smoking a cigar in a locker room, just couldn't hold back their nature to rat.

I hate smoke. I have never smoked. I had parents that smoked and being a young athlete, I often stayed in my bedroom or outside just to avoid the stupid smoke. But I'd rather have my skin peeled off in the hot sun than to rat on these celebrating ball players. These sorts of rat people are among us. They always have been. They relish working for the authorities, no matter who or what the authority is. They love to scurry around on their bellies after whatever master is in charge. As the New World Order herds most of you into mega compliance centers, you'll come across them personally, hell, you might even be one yourself- I get a lot of CIA and authoritarian personalities reading my blog. However, like I said a million times, this entire life is only designed to force all of us to reveal our core nature.

Then there was the article about a dozen NATO oil tankers set on fire by Islamic terrorists/freedom fighters. It is easy for many of you to hate these guys, and if you do, although they have never done anything to you personally, because you are programmed to hate them. Of course, I label them as freedom fighters and you might call them terrorists, but keep in mind that the enemy of your enemy is not all that bad and if the issue is too complex for you, maybe you don't have a full understanding of the facts.

Hopefully you can see how the manipulators try to get you to hate others while they- the manipulators steal the world. They are able to do this by reaching down to your core, where racism resides comfortably. So, I sit back today and am enjoying both the cigar and oil smoke and hope you are too, as the price of gasoline and intelligence goes through the roof.

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