Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My First Garage

Houses for vehicles. That's what I called garages for my entire life. Heck most garages are nicer than the two homes I have built, and much nicer than either of the chicken coups I lived inside. I even have a friend that has a three car garage with a heated floor so the tires don't get cold. HA. So, now that our dehydrated food business has really taken off, I decided to join the clones and build me a three car garage too. Mine has no electricity or heat, and as of right now, has no garage doors. Those will come during the winter. But now I have room for some of my gas combustion contraptions.

The bay where the 4x4 Ford is, will be where I store my 1971 El Camino drag car. It is at a buddies shop, and will be painted this winter. I hope to paint that truck this Fall. I have the chestnut brown paint, just lack the time. I've never painted an automobile before. Might as well practice on something that will be covered up by mud.

Other than adding the garage doors, I still need to run 30' of guttering on the backside, so I can catch all that rainwater into a tank and water my horses for free. By the way, we are down to just our favorite 4 horses now. I bought 35 quarter horses a little over a year ago. The horse market has collapsed because there is a shortage of slaughter plants and that causes an over abundance of horses, which then creates a fall in prices. I will try to take pictures of our horses tomorrow and share those with you.

The black barrels are soon to be solar dehydrators that I have been perfecting. I should have an article on it in about a week. I still have a few tweeks to make.

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