Monday, October 4, 2010


Yesterday- Sunday, was great. I had already done most of my work at my homestead during the week. I had an appointment to meet a reporter that had drove several hours to interview me for an article in- The New Pioneer- A Complete Guide To Self Reliant Living MAGAZINE. The reporter was a former newspaper editor, turned retired freelance and full time reporter.

Unlike most interviews, this guy was great. He asked intelligent questions and allowed me to talk about homesteading as much as straw bale home construction, which was the basis of the interview. He had read about my work last year at the University of Pittsburg, KS, and was hired to interview an expert in straw bale construction.

Anyway, although he was an older gentleman and lived in the city all his life, he had a real interest the simple life we have lived over the past twenty years. If he had been thirty and not sixty, I think I would have converted him into a micro farmer and hell, maybe even a patriot.

I guess that is an important issue that I have never considered- age. If you have already spent fifty plus years living a life inside the city and in debt, it is very unlikely that you would change direction that late in the game. However, its never too late to go in the right direction.
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